Angelica archangelica

Angelica – for your tummy’s best

Angelica (Angelica archangelica) is one of the strongest herbs in Lapland. A real defender of the body. The native people of Finnish Lapland, the Sami, considered Arctic Angelica a holy herb that protected against disease. Rich in vitamin C and iron, it was highly valued after the long and harsh winters, offering great help in the fight against scurvy, plague, and Spanish flu.

Benefits of Angelica

Angelica archangelica is highly antibacterial, killing bacteria or at least preventing their growth. It’s an excellent prevention of both respiratory symptoms and digestive problems. Angelica boosts your immunity and helps you to stay healthy.

Dosage of Angelica

Although Angelica archangelica is one of the strongest Arctic herbs, it is safe to use. Angelica tea is an effective flu fighter, yet contains only the water-soluble substances of the herb. Our extracts contain both water and fat-soluble substances of the herb, that is, all the goodies it has to offer.

The maximum dosage for adults is 2 herbal shots or 2 teaspoons of bottled extract. Angelica also suits the little ones from one year old up. For a toddler, a drop or two is enough, 5-6-year-olds can take half a teaspoon. From 7 years onwards, 1 shot or 1 teaspoon a day is a suitable dosage.

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