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Spruce sprout powder 150 g

The light reflected from the spring snow awakens the spruce for a vigorous growth season. The citrusy, herbaceous and woodsy flavor of spruce sprout is a great vitamin C and antioxidant supplement for drinks, porridge and soups.
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Conifers respond to long, bright days by producing an abundance of secondary metabolites. In the northern summer, this characteristic becomes more pronounced, as the plants cannot grow beyond their natural size despite the abundance of light.

The excess energy from the sun is converted into antibacterial polyphenols, which are also responsible for the bitter but vibrant taste of the leaves. In the northern summer and cool growing conditions, the spruce sprout becomes exceptionally potent.

The harvesting period is short, about two weeks, and to ensure the best possible product, we hand-pick the sprouts from only the most vigorous trees during this time. The harvesting process does not damage the spruce, and the sprouts are collected only every other year from each forest to allow them to continue their natural growth process as part of the wider ecosystem.

The spruce sprouts used in Arctic Warriors Spruce sprout powder are harvested under license from organic forests owned by the Finnish National Forest Council.

Weight 0.162 kg
Dimensions 4 × 16 × 23 cm

Freeze-dried spruce sprout.

Nutritional content / 100g

Energy 1683kJ/ 402kcal
Protein 12,1 g
Carbohydrate 77,8 g
Fat 4,19 g

Vitamins and trace elements:

Vitamin C 382 mg
Vitamin A 970 μg
Vitamin K1 332 mg
Phosphorus 350 mg
Iodine <0.2 mg
Potassium 1200 mg
Calcium 130 mg
Magnesium 120 mg
Iron 2 mg
Zinc 3,6 mg


1-3 teaspoons a day


Incorporate into your smoothies, oatmeal, yogurt, or even as a unique spice blend. Spruce sprout is also a fantastic addition to a variety of beverages. For a trendy and delightful drink, craft a Spruce Sprout Latte by stirring a teaspoon of spruce sprout powder and honey into warm oat milk. Check out our recipe page for this and more inspired creations.

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€ 393

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  1. Love the taste, seems very healthy

  2. This stuff is amazing and smells incredible. Like walking through a fresh fir tree forest. Love the fact that it is coming from a place out in the “middle of nowhere” Really excited to get the power of this beautiful tree flowing throughout my bloodstream. Super cool packaging and the delivery to the states here was not as long as I expected

  3. Lovely product

  4. Great product

  5. These products make me so happy and keep my family healthy throughout the year. Thank you Arctic Warriors for producing such fantastic products

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Spruce sprout powder 150 g Spruce sprout powder 150 g
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