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Nettle & red berries 150 g

The combination of red berries and nettle is a fresh and anti-inflammatory addition to porridge, yogurt and smoothies.
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Intense sunshine throughout the harvest season enhances the flavor and polyphenol content of lingonberries and red currants. In the northern summer, this characteristic becomes more pronounced, as the plants cannot grow beyond their natural size despite the abundance of light.

The excess energy produced by the sun is stored in the berries as sweetness and, in the case of the northern red berries, as abundant antioxidant anthocyanins, which also contribute to the bright red color of lingonberries and red currants.

The berries used in Arctic Warriors berry powders are dried whole, ensuring that their sweet juices and valuable nutrients are preserved. A teaspoon of this berry powder provides the nutritional benefits equivalent to a handful of fresh berries.

Weight 0.162 kg
Dimensions 4 × 16 × 23 cm

Nettle, red currant, lingonberry.

Nutritional values

energy 1323 kJ (316 kcal)
protein 14 g
carbohydrates 56 g
fat 3,66 g
salt 1 mg


1-4 teaspoons a day


Use the powder in porridge, smoothies, yogurt, drinks or baking.

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Nettle & red berries 150 g Nettle & red berries 150 g
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