Affiliate – help

  1. Affiliate URLs: Use if you want to link to our frontpage. Use URL: generator to create any other direct link.
  2. Your affiliate ID can be found from Affiliate URLs tab. You can also create your own link by adding /warrior/yourid/ to any url (page) of our site
  3. After your registration is approved we will send you an email about payments.
  4. We pay every month 15th day. This requires that the value of your unpaid referrals is more than 10€ total.
  5. You can use materials from this page (photos and product descriptions). If you need something more please contact us.
  6. Your coupon is “yourusername” if you want any other coupon, please contact [email protected]
  7. If you are in need of discount coupon to your readers/followers/yourself, you can get one by sending a good proposal by email
  8. Affiliate Terms of Use
  9. If you are in need of free samples you can get some by sending a very good proposal by email
  10. Unlike many other affiliate programs, you can also use your own coupon/referral link if you want to shop from our site!
  11. Cookie of our site is set to 45 days. This means that you will get your money from all the purchases of the user which are made within 45 days of your referral.
  12. If there is many referrals which has ended to a purchase, we pay the first referrer.
  13. Your commision is 12% of the total sales you have referred including VAT (if applicable) and shipping.
  14. Sign up bonus from each approved and active new affiliate-partner is 15€. Bonus is paid, when your referred affiliate will have their first own payment. Referring is done by using same affiliate links than other shopping. You can also use direct link to affiliate area which is
  15. Any questions, pls. do not hesitate to contact [email protected]